Drusen Optic Neuropathy

    • Optic neuropathy associated with optic disc-embedded hyaline bodies called “drusen,” which are mitochondria ejected from damaged axons
    • May be caused by crowding in a narrow scleral canal
    • Often misdiagnosed as papilledema
    • Glistening nuggets that protrude from the optic disc or are buried beneath its surface
    • Buried drusen may be revealed by
      • Autofluorescence fundus photography
      • B-scan ultrasound
      • Optical coherence tomography
      • Orbit CT
    • Nerve fiber bundle visual field defects, sparing the maculopapillar bundle, reflect loss of axons
    • Papilledema
    • Papillitis
    • Ischemic optic neuropathy
    • Diabetic papillopathy
    • Leber hereditary optic neuropathy
    • Look for drusen with ophthalmoscopy or ancillary studies
    • Order brain MRI if there are nerve fiber bundle visual field defects because you cannot presume that drusen optic neuropathy is the whole explanation
    • Patients with drusen may develop slowly progressive visual field defects that do not affect visual acuity but may eventually compromise safe driving, therefore…
    • Tip: patients should undergo serial visual field testing to exclude the development of defects that would make driving unsafe
    • Patients may develop sudden vision loss from peripapillary subretinal hemorrhage
    • Advise patients that future examiners performing ophthalmoscopy may misdiagnose papilledema and initiate unnecessary evaluations

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