Morning Glory Optic Neuropathy

    • Congenital funnel-shaped excavation of the posterior ocular wall that encompasses an anomalous optic disc
    • Severe vision deficit owing to absent optic nerve axons
    • Forebrain and carotid artery anomalies often present
    • Core features
      • Crater-like depression of the optic disc usually confined to one eye
      • Spoke-like retinal vessels emerging from the margins of the crater, giving rise to the term “morning glory”
      • Peripapillary speckled atrophic retinal and choroidal tissue
      • Poor vision and afferent pupil defect in the affected eye
    • Possible accompanying features
      • Serous retinal detachment
      • Dysplastic corpus callosum, basal encephalocele
      • Hypoplastic carotid arteries with prominent cranial base anastomoses (“moya moya disease”)
      • Hypopituitarism
    • Optic disc coloboma
    • Staphyloma
    • Myopic degeneration
    • Healed chorioretinitis
    • Explain that the affected eye will never see properly
    • Perform vascular and brain imaging in search of potentially life-threatening brain and vascular anomalies
    • Perform blood tests in search of impaired pituitary hormone function
    • Management is directed at the non-ophthalmic anomalies

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