Paraneoplastic Optic Neuropathy

    • Subacute optic neuropathy indirectly related to an underlying cancer
    • Clinical manifestations are caused by an autoimmune cross-reaction to tumor antigens (“molecular mimicry”)
    • Much less common than infiltrative (neoplastic) optic neuropathy and less common than paraneoplastic retinopathy
    • Source of cancer may be known or occult
    • Core clinical features
      • Subacute typically binocular visual loss
      • Optic discs typically appear elevated
      • Tip: the vitreous is always inflamed!
    • Possible accompanying clinical features
      • Altered mental state
      • Ataxia
      • Tremor
    • Imaging features
      • Brain imaging is usually normal
      • Body imaging or blood tests may show cancer
    • Paraneoplastic CRMP-5 antibody may be found, but the paraneoplastic screen is often negative
    • Infiltrative (neoplastic) optic neuropathy
    • Optic neuritis
    • Ischemic optic neuropathy
    • Tip: reject this diagnosis if there is no vitreous inflammation!
    • Exclude alternative causes of vitritis
    • Order a blood panel for paraneoplastic antibodies
    • Search for cancer if not already known
    • Treat the optic neuropathy with high-dose corticosteroids, plasmapheresis, or intravenous immunoglobulin if a cancer is found
    • Treat the underlying cancer
    • Tip: treatment of the underlying cancer is more effective in restoring vision than is anti-inflammatory treatment
    • Treatment is rarely effective in restoring vision

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