Primary Open Angle Glaucoma

    • Optic neuropathy associated with acquired excavation of the optic disc
    • Elevated intraocular pressure may be present and may contribute to optic nerve damage
    • Treated by reducing intraocular pressure with medication or surgery
    • Slowly progressive nerve fiber bundle visual field loss—usually binocular but may be asymmetric
    • Excavation of the optic discs—usually binocular but may be asymmetric
    • Excavation first extends vertically, beginning inferiorly
    • Tip: marked optic disc excavation always precedes visual field loss
    • Visual acuity is normal until the optic disc is fully excavated (“cupped out”)
    • Optic disc coloboma
    • Myopia
    • Large physiologic cup
    • Compressive optic neuropathy
    • Ischemic optic neuropathy
    • Dominantly-inherited optic neuropathy
    • Diagnose primary open angle glaucoma if visual field loss can be explained by optic disc excavation
    • Trap: beware of imitators of glaucomatous excavation
    • Tip: compressive, atrophic ischemic optic neuropathy, and even nutritional-deficiency, toxic, and hereditary optic neuropathies may display excavation of the optic disc if the patient had large physiologic cups to begin with
    • Medical and surgical measures that lower intraocular pressure may attenuate or halt progression of visual field defects and optic disc excavation, but…
    • Visual field defects may worsen despite effective lowering of intraocular pressure because other factors contribute to disease progression

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