As a health care provider, you are used to problem-solving. Here are 100 problem cases based on Neuro-Ophthalmology At Your Fingerprints. They are divided into four subtests:

  • I. Anatomic Pathways
  • II. Examinations
  • III. Disorders of Vision
  • IV. Disorders of Ocular Motility and Alignment, Lids, and Pupils

Use these problem cases to find out how much you have learned from the didactic material. Each case consists of a clinical vignette followed by a picture or a video. You should select only one of the answer choices. If you select the correct answer, you will find out why you were right and get some enrichment information along the way. When you have answered all questions in a subtest, you will see your final score (although you can keep track of the cumulative score as you answer each question). In your final score, you will receive credit only for your FIRST answer, so before selecting an answer, consider fortifying yourself with information by clicking on the Review Topic button, which will take you to the relevant didactic material. Once you have completed a subtest, if you wish to improve your score, you will have to take the ENTIRE subtest over again.

Here is your proficiency gauge:

Percent Correct Answers


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